Trade Show Is Very Important. Why?

      It’s undeniable that advertising industry is becoming smarter and more dynamic. We are seeing different kinds of advertising channels springing up, giving business organizations different marketing strategies. One of the most common advertising is TV ad. A radio ad has been favored up to this day. Newspaper ads, magazines, brochures, banners, and flyers are best choices to encourage an audience who loves to read. For the netizens, ads all over the internet are the most effective way to promote such product. Not to forget, the word-of-mouth has been one of the best marketing strategies to deal with the customers. These are just some of the many ways for a product branding.

But, is there any other advertising channel that provides more benefits from the mentioned above channels?

Yes, there is! It’s what we call “trade show”, an event and a type of marketing that gather all business organizations from the same industry to promote their products or services to the public or specific group of customers. Trade show is not just an event nor a simple marketing channel. Some would find it uncommon. Some would find it with less importance; or maybe some don’t know what it is all for.


      So how does it differ from other marketing channels? How does it work for business organizations? What are the benefits of this kind of marketing? How important is it compared to other marketing?
      As a business organization, you might have your list of marketing strategies or marketing plan. Having your products on TV ads, radio ads, magazines, brochures or flyers is really an advantage. However, having your products showcased in a trade show is an extra advantage!

      Showcasing your products and services in a trade show gives you the same opportunity to brand your business all over the world like how other advertising channels do. However, in a trade show, all business organizations from the same industry are gathered to exhibit and promote their business who we consider as the “exhibitors”. Meanwhile, all other attendees from different parts of the world, who we consider as “professional visitors”, are invited to join and seek for business networking with the exhibitors. This is the most important part of joining a trade show where you, as the exhibitor, personally meet different potential clients in the same industry. Having the opportunity to personally interact with different business organizations is the lost benefit from any other advertising channels.

      It’s always best to have a face-to-face meeting with your old and potential clients as you can discuss all the details. It also ensures engagement, more efficient, and most of all, you can perform body language which plays a vital role in a communication. Aside from the content of your conversation, your body posture and facial expressions really matter in conveying your message to your customers. This is something you can never have in an e-mails or phone conversations.  So, a face-to-face meeting is one of the best benefits you can actually get in a trade show.

      Trade show does not limit personal meetings with potential clients only. You could also have the chance to meet your competitors and know how their business is going. You could have the chance to study and make some research for your business growth.

      Since there are thousands of professional visitors, trade show provides you the right opportunity to network your business with partners and building new contacts. It helps you find direct customers, wholesalers, retailers, and agents for your products. It perfectly drives you to Business-To-Business (B2B) and Business-To-Consumers (B2C) meetings.

      You can also do “product launching” in a trade show to popularize your new product and it is really way better as it covers bigger audience to get into your products. It helps you get immediate response and reaction from the customers towards the product. You could right away see their excitement and interest in your product which could close the deal.

      Another gain is being updated with the market in your business industry. It’s a great chance to know who are there in the market, what is there in the market, and all the possibilities coming in your business industry. It also helps you find updated solutions and new concepts for your business as it provides seminar, conferences and workshops. One of the most important recipes to succeed in business is to keep yourself updated with trends, challenges, and other related events. The more you know, the more you succeed.

      Here’s the exciting and unique part of joining a tradeshow. The organizer will make use all available resources and different marketing channels to make the whole world know about your participation in the trade show. All the common advertising channels mentioned earlier will be of use to broadcast your products to be showcased, your best offers, and your edge among all other participants. The best trade show will do best for your business!

      As a whole, bringing your products and services in a trade show is indeed a cost-effective. It’s the most functional way to make your business famous, get the best possible profits in return, and at the same time, keeping your business updated with the latest technology or information in your business industry.

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